Stewardship 2023: Imagining What the Power of Your Gifts Can Do


The 2023 Stewardship Campaign: Putting out into Deep Water 

Thank you. Our congregation continues to answer the call to deepen our worship, revive the music program, and welcome families with school aged children in 2023. So far, members have made pledge commitments of more than 80% of the church’s goal of $750,000. If you have already pledged, we hope you received thank you letters, and please verify your pledge on Realm. If you have not yet pledged, please pledge on Realm, turn in your pledge card, or call the church at 216-321-5800. Blessings and abundance.

2022 Pledge Fulfillment: Where are we? Here. What are we doing? This.

The rush is on! We are so close, just $80,000 to go. The Christ-centered generosity of Fairmount members contributed over $609,000 to the 2022 operating budget. That’s over and beyond gifts of $330,000 from two blessed anonymous donors who gave toward the interior and exterior beautification of our historic church. If you are able to fulfill your 2022 pledge, we ask that you donate on Realm or drop off your check at the church office. We are grateful for your support in this community of Christ.