Children & Worship

A Guide for ALL of Us


WHAT IS WORSHIP?  Worship is how we respond to God. When we gather in worship we all come together to encounter Christ, and we watch together for God’s presence in Scripture, our own lives, and the world around us. When we worship God, we are reminded that we belong to God’s love, and we are empowered by the Spirit to participate with God in loving and healing the world.

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Children and Family Ministry

At Fairmount we celebrate the imagination, energy, playfulness and curiosity of children as ways to explore the Spirit of God within them.  As fully formed beings in the image of God, children have much to teach us about experiencing God's love.  


Fairmount Faith Formation family registration: To register your family and children for Nursery/Toddler/Preschool care, Family Fellowship, Parents Night out or Music and Ministry fill out this form


  • Childcare at Fairmount

    With every candle we light in worship for a new baby that is born in our community, the importance of childcare at Fairmount grows.  We are so fortunate to have three outstanding childcare workers.  Peggy Quarles and Magella Roserie are our faithful care workers who provide amazing care and consistency for our children and their families.  We are so thankful for the dedication they have to Fairmount.  All three of these women are an extension of Christ's love in the midst of our church family.  If you haven't been to the nursery lately, please stop by, say hello and thank them for all they do.

    As our population of young children grows we are making every effort to make sure the physical space is as welcoming as the care our children are receiving.  With this in mind we relocated the nursery to the second floor.  This will be dedicated space for our childcare with age appropriate activities and space to move.  

    We are continually working with families, Session and staff to ensure the safety and care of our children is a priority.  Please feel free to reach out if you have questions as we make this move.  Amy Kim or anyone on Faith Formation Council are here to help you navigate this transition.


Fairmount is committed to maintaining a safe environment in which children and youth are nurtured and instructed in the faith, and protected from abuse and neglect. Our Child Protection Policy has, as its goals, to protect children and youth in church programs, and to educate worker and care givers concerning abuse issues. Click HERE to read our child protection policy.



Infants and toddlers relate to God as they would a favorite blanket or stuffed animal, associating God with the love and security they experience from their parents and caregivers while at church. Our nursery is a rich and interesting environment of hands-on play planned just for young children.  Our caregivers will know and greet your children by name, helping them to experience the love and grace of God during their care.


Each month we will have opportunities for families to gather & connect.  It may be a time to share a meal, play games, serve together, explore outside or share stories of how God’s love moves in the world. 



Each Sunday we ask that all children join their families for the beginning of worship until The Time for Young Disciples.  After this point in worship, children preschool through third-grade will be invited to join Mr. Charlie, Amy Kim and other shepherds for WE TIME (Worship Enrichment). We will sing songs, experience the scriptures, pray together, and have a time of worship. We will collect our offering and then re-join the congregation during the offering to sing the closing hymn and receive the benediction. 


On the first Sunday of the month, Communion Sunday, we ask that all elementary-aged children remain in worship for the entire service. 


Participation by children in these services is not only encouraged; it is vital to the energy and life of our worship. Pastors and staff will help create worship that specifically embraces all ages on these Sundays. As always, toddlers and children under four are welcome to be in the nursery anytime on Sunday mornings.



Once a month on the first Friday, our Nursery Staff along with Amy Kim and some fantastic volunteers will staff this evening for your kids birth-3rd grade while you take time for yourself.  PNO will start in September  and run through May.  If you have older children that would like to come and help, please contact Amy Kim Kyremes-Parks: To register please our events page.



Crescendo Choir for children 1st-8th grade Thursday Nights 5:30-6:45

Email  Leah Wyman to sign up for emails and to get more information.

Rewards: spiritual growth, community involvement, friendship, confidence, musicianship, develop a good singing voice, vocal and instrumental ensemble experience, and FUN!

What Happened to Sunday School?


While Christian Discipleship and Education is a priority at Fairmount we have found that Sunday mornings have not proved to be the most conducive time to make space for this.  This year we are going to continue to create intentional time for discipleship and education-it will just take on some new forms and times. 

We still firmly believe that Worship as an intergenerational community is vital and we hope this continues to be a priority each member of our community.  With this in mind the pastors and staff will plan worship with multiple intelligences in mind hoping that each worship helps you connect to the Holy and the love of Christ in a unique way.

As we do this, we know we will need help.  We need your trust as well as your direct feedback.  Please know our doors are open and we hope you will contact us with ideas, concerns or opportunities you know of for our community to learn and grow in faith.