Fairmount Leadership

Communicating with Fairmount Leadership

During this transitional time the Session would like to remind members and friends that if you have questions or would like to communicate with the Session (the governing body of the church), please email our Clerk of Session, Bourbon Zeigler, at clerk@fpccle.org

If you have questions or wish to communicate with any of our four councils, please use the following email addresses: Administration Council: admin@fpccle.org

Care Council: care@fpccle.org

Faith Formation Council: faith@fpccle.org

Serve Council: serve@fpccle.org

All Council meetings are open to all and take place on the third Wednesday of the month at 6:30 p.m. 

Click here for a complete list of Fairmount Leadership.

Fairmount Leadership Positions

Our Members provide Fairmount with exemplary leadership. Our church is strengthened by their professional experience, education, compassion and enthusiasm. 

Have you thought about becoming a Fairmount leader, or do you recommend someone to join the leadership of Fairmount? 

Below are the descriptions of Fairmount's Elders and Fairmount's Deacons: 

The Nominating Committee is looking for Elders and Deacons to begin service in January. 

Please contact Pastor Jessie if you have someone to nominate.