Fairmount Leadership

February 18, 2020 Letter to the Congregation

Click the link above to read the statement from Rev. Jessie MacMillan, in regards to the November 20th Incident, the Transitional Process, and 2020 Stewardship. 

Communicating with Fairmount Leadership

During this transitional time the Session would like to remind members and friends that if you have questions or would like to communicate with the Session (the governing body of the church), please email our Clerk of Session, Bourbon Zeigler, at clerk@fpccle.org. If you have questions or wish to communicate with any of our four councils, please use the following email addresses: Administration Council: admin@fpccle.org; Care Council: care@fpccle.org; Faith Formation Council: faith@fpccle.org; Serve Council: serve@fpccle.org.  As a reminder, all Session minutes are available online. 

All Council meetings are open to all and take place on the third Wednesday of the month at 6:30 p.m. 

Click here for a complete list of Fairmount Leadership.

Your FPC Session (pictured below)

back row: Stephanie Washlock, Cherie Parsons, Bourbon Zeigler,  Ellen Roberts, Steve Eckberg

front row: Carol Adrine, Vanessa Whiting, Hallie Stewart, Christina Seekely, Raleigh Duttweiler, Krys Perry, Brian Perkins

not pictured: Steve Minter