About Fairmount

Fairmount Presbyterian Church, located in the heart of Cleveland Heights, OH, is dedicated to fostering a caring community where all individuals are welcome and can experience the love of God.

As a member of the PC(USA) denomination, Fairmount Presbyterian Church is committed to cultivating a diverse, progressive, and welcoming congregation that embraces people from all walks of life. At Fairmount we strive to be present to each other, to be present to God, and to be present to our community.


Within the walls of Fairmount Presbyterian Church, you will find a supportive and accepting community. We emphasize the importance of inclusivity and love for all, extending a warm welcome to the LGBTQ+ community and individuals from various backgrounds. By focusing on seeking Christ and exploring God’s love for all, Fairmount is more than just a place of worship; it is an environment that encourages spiritual growth, understanding, and unity.

Fairmount Presbyterian Church in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, is passionate about social justice and strives to make a positive impact on our local communities. Through various outreach programs, Fairmount actively engages with and supports those in need, truly embodying the spirit of a just and flourishing congregation.

At Fairmount Presbyterian Church, you can expect to find an intergenerational array of programs and opportunities that cater to different interests and spiritual journeys. From worship services to educational programs, our church provides diverse programming designed to nurture and enrich the lives of our congregation.

Fairmount Presbyterian Church
2757 Fairmount Boulevard
Cleveland Heights, OH 44118
p: 216.321.5800
e: info@fpccle.org
w: www.fpccle.org

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Our History

Since 1916, Fairmount Presbyterian Church has grown from a charter group of 85 men and women, devoted to the Christian education of their children, to a congregation of persons committed to worship, fellowship, service, and Christian education for all ages and internal and external missions.

Although the original Charter was approved and signed on October 23, 1916, the beginnings are documented as early as 1912.  As young married couples with children moved into the newly developed neighborhood along Fairmount Boulevard, the mothers joined together to begin a Sunday School for their children. Sunday morning services were held at the Real Estate office on the corner of Lee Road and Fairmount Boulevard and at a farm on the corner of Wellington Road and Fairmount Boulevard. Adult services were held Sunday evenings in various family homes.