Church Operations

The Administration Council focuses on six areas of Church life:

  • Building Maintenance & Repair
  • Building Improvements
  • Safety & Security
  • Policy & Procedures
  • Legal
  • Administration, which includes the day to day activities, management of the finances, and most of the infrastructure that supports the functioning of Fairmount.

Fairmount Presbyterian Church Building Assessment
As many of you know, our Church recently commissioned an assessment of the condition of our building. At long last, that study has been completed and submitted. The good news is that overall, the study has found that our building is in very good shape, however, it did identify several areas of concern that will need to be addressed, some as soon as possible and others that can be addressed over the next several years. The Building & Grounds Committee of Admin Council is currently evaluating the study to develop a realistic plan of action. You will be hearing more about the assessment and the steps being taken to address the findings over the next several months. The study itself is quite large and cannot be e-mailed. If you would like to stop in and review the report, we will have a few copies available. If you have any specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact Christine Winters or Todd Imbler.