Batey 105

Bridges to Batey Ministry Team

Fairmount Presbyterian Church made a 25-year commitment to partner with the village of Batey 105. Next year will mark the 10-year anniversary of our commitment and we are hopeful for the 15 years ahead. Our FPC Youth just completed their 2023 cultural immersion trip to Batey 105. Fairmount is thankful for the work of Danny Perez. Danny is an engineer who serves as Fairmount’s eyes and ears on the ground in La Romana and helps facilitate our work in the field. He has been an integral part of FPC’s partnership with the Batey 105 for the past six years. Our aim for 2024 is to bring folks from the FPC family to the Batey 105 to continue our commitment to building this community. To learn more about adult opportunities with Bridges to Batey, please contact Brad Zitzner.

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Electrifying News from Batey 105!
There is great news from Batey 105 about getting electricity for the community. Danny Perez, Fairmount’s Program Manager for our work in 105, met with the Governor of El Seibo Province, Magaly Tabar Manzur, and together they went to Santo Domingo to meet with EdeEste, the regional electric authority. Fairmount has been working with Danny and the Governor for several years to lobby EdeEste to bring electricity to Batey 105. We are hopeful that this meeting and action with the Governor means the project is moving forward.

See what’s going on with Batey 105, a community in the Dominican Republic with whom we have a partnership!

Everyone in Batey 105 is Eager to Learn!
Education is an important shared goal for both Fairmount and families in Batey 105 in the Dominican Republic. There are now two regular English classes for 105 residents. Fanes Casimir (pictured below), a Dominican teacher, leads English classes for adults and youth in 105 three times per week. Attendees include parents of school-age children, as well as youth and young adults who have already had some instruction and are trying to maintain or improve their skills. For selected youth, our Program Manager Danny Perez teaches formal English classes three times per week at the Buen Samaritano church in La Romana. The 105 youth take the bus to La Romana and receive formal instruction in vocabulary, grammar and conversational practice. Learning English is an important first step in moving into tourism jobs with more responsibility and better pay. 

In 2014, a group from Fairmount visited several Bateyes to ask questions and find out how we can make our work in the Dominican Republic most meaningful. Batey 105 stood out from other communities because the residents said they want education for their children so they can have better lives.