Staying Connected With Fairmount

There is a lot happening at Fairmount, both at church and virtually! As always, you can view our Online Worship, Sunday mornings at 10:00am; like our Facebook page; watch our worship, music, and more on YouTube; and follow us on Instagram

We send out a variety of weekly emails, including Worship Reminders, Friday E-News, special event announcements, and other church communications. If you would like to join our church mailing list, email your request to [email protected]

Help! I am not receiving emails from Fairmount Presbyterian Church!

You may not be receiving our Fairmount Presbyterian Church emails sent from our email domain,, either through our Constant Contact email service or from a specific employee. Many of the email clients members use have extremely sophisticated filtering systems. While those systems are advanced, they won’t always be 100% accurate on where to send certain emails. Even with great content, a good sending reputation, and following the best practices for deliverability, a member or friend could still have filtering preferences set up in their email account and they may not realize those filtering preferences are affecting the deliverability of our emails. 


To ensure you can receive our emails, see if your email program or email client will allow you to “whitelist”, allow listing, or safe list emails which come the church’s domain of, specifically, [email protected], which is the email address we use in Constant Contact. Each email client has different steps that you need to follow in order to "allow emails". 

To receive and keep receiving emails from us, here are instructions about how to Whitelist our emails. The process varies by the email system you use, and possibly by the preference or security filters on your home network or your work network. If you are at work, speak with your IT personnel about whitelisting Fairmount emails.

Whitelisting Instructions for Various Email Systems