Thank You! For All The Ways You Give!

Dear Fairmounters,

Thank you for your spirit-filled generosity in 2023. Gifts received by our annual operating fund, in fulfillment of pledges or otherwise, amounted to almost $780,000 by year-end!

We are truly blessed to be in such a vibrant and generous community. Thank you.

In 2024 we hope to reach $750,000 in pledges to give us the resources needed to support this thriving church. The stewardship season is well underway, with $705,000 in pledges received so far. This is amazing, and we are so grateful to those of you who have pledged. If you have never pledged before, please consider doing so! It is important to pledge so that we can best prepare for the exciting mission of our church in 2024.

Most importantly, we hope to receive pledges of any size. One of our main goals in 2024 is to receive pledge support from a broader number of our church members, no matter the size: your pledge counts.

Pledge cards can be found in church, you can call the church office at 216.321.5800, or you can access Realm and the electronic pledge form below.

If you have pledged already, THANK YOU!

Thank you for sharing your abundance with us.


Peggy Roberts, Stewardship Chair


The church relies on the generosity of its members and friends throughout the year Click on the “make a donation” link below to make a gift to our general fund, targeted contribution to a specific ministry, or a memorial gift. If you have any questions about donations, please contact Sara Gresh, Fairmount’s Finance Secretary


As Fairmount enters a new year, it is important to know what support we can depend on from our congregation members. By knowing what you are willing to commit financially, we are able to better plan for the future. Please consider setting up a recurring giving plan.

Automating your financial commitments means your contributions will be received on a steady, uninterrupted basis.

To set up a recurring giving schedule, click the button below to sign into Realm and set up your recurring giving schedule in your Giving tab.

If you need help, please call Christine Winters, Communications, at the church during business hours OR email her here, to set up a time to set up your computer, tablet, phone or other mobile device with your personal access. Thank you for all you do to support our mission.


One of the many ways you can give to Fairmount Presbyterian Church is by a STOCK GIFT.

Call the church at 216-321-5800 or contact Sara Gresh, Fairmount’s Financial Secretary at 216-329-0810 to advise us of the upcoming gift, its approximate amount, and the names of stock. Our Financial Secretary will provide you with the information your broker will need to gift the stock. You should receive an acknowledgement stating the name on the stock and when it was sold.  Your statement will show the name of the stock and the credit obtained.

In order for the Church to properly apply the proceeds of your gift, instruct your broker to make sure that your name, as known with the church, is provided to our broker. This is important because we want to be able to identify your contribution. We want to be able to immediately apply any resulting proceeds toward your giving account, so that this shows up on your contribution record (statement), and generates an acknowledgement to you. It is very difficult for staff or our broker to go back and find out the former owner’s name due to confidentiality. You may also contact the Financial Secretary and provide your name, the approximate number of shares, the name of the stock OR the amount you plan to give.  This way we are able to match this back to you when your gift is received. If you have any questions, please call the church and ask for Sara Gresh. 

Thank you for your support of the ministries and mission of Fairmount Presbyterian Church!