Administration Council

 Administration Council oversees the business and financial matters of Fairmount Presbyterian Church, ensuring that its ministries (Care, Faith Formation and Serve councils) operate in a financially and administratively prudent, transparent, and efficient manner.   During the year, the Administration Council meets monthly and manages its traditional roles of:

  • Reviewing and approving church operating and capital expenditures.
  • Reviewing and approving contracts and project estimates from contractors and suppliers.
  • Coordinating with FPC staff to ensure property and building work is completed
  • Approving withdrawals (in conjunction with the Endowment Trustees) from the various memorial and endowment funds available for capital improvement, maintenance, and mission work, and ensuring all withdrawals are timed strategically and used according to endowment/memorial guidelines.
  • Overseeing other administrative duties of the church including insurance coverage, legal compliance, tax law, fiduciary responsibility and GAAP (generally accepted accounting procedures) standards.

Membership in the Administration Council is open to all members of the church and is encouraged for those with a professional or individual interest in the following areas:

  • Non-profit/tax law experience
  • Non-profit finance and accounting
  • For-profit business experience
  • Architecture, engineering, and general construction contracting

If any of these areas interest you, or if you want to get involved in overseeing the maintenance of the church and its property, please contact Administration Council volunteers and staff personally or send your contact information to