Faith Formation

Making space to nurture your faith in the midst of life can be challenging.  The reality is that all of life forms our faith.  We would like to connect you to opportunities to nurture, process and live out your faith in the midst of community. These are ongoing opportunities to connect.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to the pastors and staff with new opportunities, ideas or individual support at

Faith Formation Opportunities

Bible Study in Your Inbox

Sunday evenings you will receive in your email inbox a guided Bible Study from a member of the staff. We encourage you to set aside 10-15 minutes a week to read the passage, discuss the questions, and offer a prayer. You can do this alone or with members of your family. If you want to continue the conversation with a member of the staff, please contact us.

Faith at Home

Over and over again research states that the #1 influencer and indicator of sustaining and cultivating faith is what is practiced at home. This can feel overwhelming and unsustainable in the midst of a given week or day. Life is full. I know it isn't easy, but Fairmount is here to help. As Director of Spiritual Formation, I would love the opportunity to come to your house, bring a treat (or not) and visit with your family about how we talk about faith at home and resource you with possible practices you might try. I am hoping to meet with any family with school age children who is willing. 

Daily Devotional Books

If you are looking for a daily reading you can keep by your bed or in the car.  Please email or contact Amy Kim Kyremes-Parks to receive a copy of the daily devotional These Days.


Conversations with Staff

Any member of the program staff is available to talk with you about how the church can help you grow in faith. Click HERE to visit our staff page, where you can email them directly to set up a time to talk.


Faith Formation ACTIVITIES

  • Parents Night out

    The First Friday of each month from 6:00 pm-9:00 pm Children Birth-1O years old are welcome to join us for a night of fun at the church with our Staff and Volunteers.  This ministry is as much for the kids as it is for the parents.  We know life is full and we hope this night will help our kids build community while allowing parents to take a break and connect with one another.

    This year we are changing it up a bit.  We are asking families to pack a sack dinner for their children. We will have some sort of healthy snack half way through the evening.

    to sign up go to:

    please fill out and submit a medical release form for each child.  THANK YOU


    Each month we will have opportunities for families to gather and connect. It may be a time to share a meal, play games, serve together, explore outside or share stories of how God’s love moves in the world.   

    These are great events for families with children of all ages, for grandparents and grandchildren.  Feel free to invite a friend or two.  Please contact Amy Kim Kyremes-Parks with questions.

What Happened to Sunday School?

While Christian Discipleship and Education is a priority at Fairmount we have found that Sunday mornings have not proved to be the most conducive time to make space for this.  This year the we are going to continue to create intentional time for discipleship and education - it will just take on some new forms and times.  

We still firmly believe that Worship as an intergenerational community is vital and we hope this continues to be a priority each member of our community.  With this in mind the pastors and staff will plan worship with multiple intelligences in mind hoping that each worship helps you connect to the Holy and the love of Christ in a unique way.

As we do this, we know we will need help.  We need your trust as well as your direct feedback.  Please know our doors are open and we hope you will contact us with ideas, concerns or opportunities you know of for our community to learn and grow in faith.