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A Call From Your Nominating Committee 

As we head into August, it is time to think about the best candidates for the several leadership roles opening at the end of the year.  Our Class of 2023 Elders, Deacons, Nominating Committee members, and Endowment Committee members are coming to the end of their terms, and we thank all of them for their faithful service.

We will be looking for four Elders for the Class of 2026; five or six Deacons for the Class of 2025; five “at-large” members of the Nominating Committee; and one or two members to join our Endowment Committee, Class of 2026. 

  • Elders (the Session) provide spiritual leadership for the church and work with pastors, staff, councils, and members to shape and lead our church’s ministry.
  • Deacons serve as the hands and feet of our church’s ministry of compassion, hospitality, and presence by visiting or calling members, delivering meals and flowers, and organizing church fellowship activities.
  • Endowment trustees are the stewards of our church’s endowment–ensuring that the generous gifts of our congregation are invested wisely and used faithfully.
  • The members of the Nominating Committee discern ministry gifts within our congregation and work together to nominate the next class of leaders for our church.

Are you interested?  Do you know someone that could help lead Fairmount over the next several years? We are seeking the input of the congregation to help us with this important task.

Please feel free to contact me at any time to discuss these positions and to review what they entail.   I can attest that holding a position in the Church is rewarding and meaningful.  I’d encourage you to consider it!

Todd Imbler, Elder (Class of 2023),Nominating Committee Moderator
[email protected]

Below are the full descriptions of Fairmount’s Elders and Fairmount’s Deacons:

Communicating with Fairmount Leadership

Session would like to remind members and friends that if you have questions or would like to communicate with the Session (the governing body of the church), please contact our Clerk of Session, Gordon Landefeld.

If you have questions or wish to communicate with any of our four councils, please contact them below:

All Council meetings are open to all with Administration, Care and Faith Councils meeting on the third Wednesday of the month at 6:30pm, and Serve Council meeting on the fourth Wednesday of the month at 6:30pm.

Thank You to all who serve in leadership roles at Fairmount Presbyterian Church.

August 2023 Session Update

August 2023 Session Update
  • Session approves and welcomes Parish Associate, the Rev. Carmen Denise Cox Harwell, recently retired Pastor of St. Mark’s Presbyterian Church in Beachwood. Rev Carmen will partner with Rev Ryan, Serve Council, Session, and the congregation to live into Fairmount’s commitment to be a Matthew 25 church.
  • Session and Fairmount’s Bridges to Batey Ministry welcomes Jose Martinez from Batey 105 in the Dominican Republic, to Cleveland. Jose will attend Tri-C for three years, and his stay in Cleveland is sponsored by Fairmount, non-Fairmount benefactors, and other funds. Session has approved Jose staying in the Church’s sexton apartment if needed, in his first semester. Other housing will be arranged.
  • Session has appointed a task force to discern the church’s future use of the sexton apartment. Fairmount has cared for refugees for decades, and Mr. Jonas Mbongo Nsongi, asylum applicant from the Democratic Republic of Congo, supported over the years by many area churches and immigrant organizations, has been our guest at the apartment for more than 2-1/2 years. There may be other ways to support Jonas’ residential needs.
  • Session reviewed and approved Serve Council’s funding model for Batey 105 through the remainder of our commitment, and learned about Care Council’s festive plans for Celebrate Sunday, coming up soon on Sunday September 10, 2023.

Session Update: May 3, 2023

Session Update: May 3, 2023

At the May 3 Session meeting, Session heard Sarah Stone’s faith statement, Rev. Ryan and Rev. Lindsay presented communion, and the visiting Rev Robin Craig led us in prayer.

Representing the Presbytery of the Western Reserve Committee on Preparation for Ministry, Rev. Robin described how Session can best support Kate Bouldin as she progresses through her seminary studies.

Rev. Ryan reported in-person worship attendance was up twenty percent during Lent, and Fairmount saw a thirty percent increase in Easter worship compared to 2022.

Serve Council is improving how it distributes funds to mission, Admin Council is initiating audits of both church finances and the condition of the church building, and Session has appointed Elders Sarah Stone, Vicki Mentrek, Peter Bush and others to review the church bylaws.

Session approved the consent agenda, the minutes for the April Session meeting, the Annual Congregational Meeting, the 2022 Annual Report, and starting the summer schedule on Sunday May 21, “Celebration Sunday 2.”



May 2022 Session Minutes

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